W.B. Yeats reads,
Lake Isle of Innisfree 
White Noise at Midnight - Read by Ally Acker
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Ally Acker reads,
White Noise at Midnight 
Ally Acker reads,
The Silk Kimono
Ally Acker reads,

The Language of Sky

I’ve moved on, I hope you can too. 

And just like that I am lost.

It is possible we will not meet

again in this life.  Only the naked sky connecting

our far away worlds.  When I get lonely I look up. 

How are you feeling?  Are you happy?

Nothing.  Blue, blank, benign stare.  I plead with the air.

But it’s no use.  I am like a leaf floating.

A disciple of wind.  Devotee of neither branch

nor ground. 

Little by little, I learn to take the sky at its word


                                                                                       Ally Acker

                      ( Originally published in THE SUN  )

The Silk Kimono - Read by Ally Acker
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Betrayal - Read by Ally Acker
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The Song of Wandering Aengus
Sung by Paul Winter & Friends


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